Plumbing Services

Plumbing has changed over the years, nowadays people tend to want their plumbing systems to perform better than an average conventional system fed via tanks (normally located in the loft). At Red Hot Heating we can cater for all of your plumbing needs from small leaks to burst pipes, blocked kitchen sinks to toilets that won’t flush.

We can also help you with your larger plumbing projects with upgrades to your plumbing like installing unvented hot & cold water systems to provide you with greater pressure enabling you to experience amazing showers, creating space in your loft by removing the need for storage tanks and even save on your energy bills.

Even if you live in an area with low water pressure, we can help to provide you with smart ways to achieve greater pressure! Our knowledgeable team will always be on hand to help you in your hour of need or help you enjoy the power shower you dream of.

Call us on 07913 610 832 for a quote on your plumbing needs today.

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